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-God Calling: A Devotional Diary


This lovely classic, loved by millions for many decades, is here reissued in an American usage/inclusive language edition that makes this extraordinary daily meditation even more accessible to modern readers.

As Quaker missionary Heidi Pidcoke recently noted, “It was a delight to discover this lovely book filled with messages that seem very contemporary and speak directly to my experience. I feel Jesus’ voice guiding me through this wonderful companion in my daily devotions.”

When used regularly as part of a daily spiritual routine, these short and pithy meditations can challenge you on your pilgrimage of being “renewed in the spirit of your minds,” and clothed “with the new self” in the likeness of Christ as the letter to the Ephesians urges all who would follow Jesus.

Price: $9.95

Abortion: My Choice/God's Grace Christian Women Tell Their Stories


This compilation of stories and essays edited by Anne Eggebroten confronts the reality of abortion as a morally responsible choice being made by countless Christian women of all denominations. This explosive issue was only made illegal in the U.S. in 1873, but the 1960s saw a change in America's attitude towards the ability of women to take control of their own bodies which culminated in the Supreme Court's historic Roe v. Wade decision in 1973. Ever since the faith community has been divided on this subject, but everyone admits women have never stopped having abortions for a variety of reasons–health, rape, incest and unplanned pregnancies among other factors. The essays explore the biblical, theological and other arguments used in this issue.

Price: $12.95

Adventures of Faith: On Learning to Walk on Water


Author and former missionary Faith Annette Sand points out that while Jesus was on earth, he never displayed fear. So to be made into the image of Christ we must learn to shed our fears and anxieties. Yet so much of our energy centers on trying not to drown in the turbulent waters where we find ourselves−sinking with worries about our security problems, money problems, health problems, insurance problems, retirement problems, and then all the interpersonal problems of dealing with feuding family members, estranged friends and those who would cheat us, berate us, not give us credit where it is due and generally try–too often successfully–to make our lives miserable. In the face of this, what can we do to be serious about our faith walk?

Price: $15.00

Awesome Wonders: With Study Guide by Gerald Ihle


AWESOME WONDERS is a 9-week Bible study course with a SCIENCE focus about the awesome world and universe around us that provide evidences for believers of an awesome Creator. “God is great! God is good!” is the theme of this book. Focus is on the credal statement “I believe in God the Father, Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth; and in Jesus Christ his only Son our Lord.” The Contents include: (1) Jesus Christ, awesome wonder from heaven; (2) Prayer is awesome; (3) Nature’s wonders; (4) Creatures of land, sea and air; (5) Small is awesome; (6) The human body; (7) The universe; (8) The awesomeness of heaven; and (9) God is awesome. A Study Guide provides provocative discussion questions for groups exploring an appreciation of the observations and discoveries that previous generations were unable to comprehend without modern science and technology.
Price: $15.00

Cancer: What's it Doing in My Life?


Ever the pastor, Mary Alice Geier decided to keep a personal journal during her two-year struggle with cancer and chemotherapy to share with others what this mysterious process entails. Along with concrete suggestions to help those facing similar issues, Rev. Geier has produced a primer, chock full of advice and explanations, with helpful appendices, that shines light on the dilemmas and mysteries facing a cancer patient. This practical guide has been useful to thousands of patients, their families and friends and she has received kudos from many who have felt better prepared having read this inspirational resource. An honest and frank chronicle, it is an invaluable tool filled with humor and nuggets of encouragement to those struggling to cope with cancer.

Price: $9.95

Children and Nonviolence


Authoritarian parents are so commonplace in our society that teenage rebellion is considered inevitable. We need a change of attitude, say Bob and Janet Aldridge, world renowned peace activists who have raised ten children. Cooperative decision-making in the family is the place to start. Raising nonviolent children means, first and foremost, creating an atmosphere of harmony in the home–where children need to feel nurtured and safe in a society that is increasingly violent. Sharing their faith pilgrimage of raising children in urban Amerrica, reconciling the larger political peace issues with ccreating a loving home, they give us a helpful guide for raising children peacefully and modeling a nonviolent approach towards decision-making.

Price: $10.95

Empowering Congregations: Successful Strategies for 21st Century Leadership


Why some religious congregations flourish while others straggle along is a question addressed by two well-known ministers, Denton Roberts and Robert Hill in this insightful book. Specific guidelines to help congregations are derived from principles woven together from human development theory, quality management practice and the recovery movement showing congregations how to grow in effectiveness and enjoyment. "Any congregation will benefit from the insights contained in this volume, says Rabbi Michael Zedek of the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati, adding "I would urge clergy colleagues of every community to avail themselves of this instrument for the renewal of their sacred communities and themselves."

Price: $14.95

Escape from God: The Use of Religion & Philosophy to Evade Responsibility


Philosophy professor Dean Turner notes that the American society, with the highest percentage of college graduates of any nation on earth, having grown more erudite and informed, has experienced a rising rate of alcoholism, drug addiction, crime, divorce, suicide and mental illness. Acquiring more degrees does not preclude becoming morally and spiritually lost. This escapism can be reversed by turning back to God and exploring the high price of God's sustaining, empowering love demonstrated concretely in God's sending the beloved son Jesus Christ to bring us back to a relationship with God. By looking into the face of God and bowing to God's authority, we can accept what is required of us to have a happy and fulfilling life.
Price: $17.95

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