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Admiral, The: The Memoirs of Albert Gleaves, Admiral USN


"A memoir to be enjoyed by all who are interested in our nation's naval heritage of going down to the sea in ships. When Albert Gleaves first entered the fleet after graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1877, he served in a navy largely inherited from the Civil War. He vividly describes his experiences in the old navy which was giving way to a modern fleet of steel and steam with colorful accounts of his cruises. This fine work, from the able pen of an officer who served his country with great distinction, is a welcome addition to the published literature about our navy and a reminder that our naval service's traditions and legends were laid by [such] gifted leaders. We owe them a debt of thanks," said Admiral James D. Watkins, former U.S. Secretary of Energy.

Price: $12.95

Adventures of Faith: On Learning to Walk on Water


Author and former missionary Faith Annette Sand points out that while Jesus was on earth, he never displayed fear. So to be made into the image of Christ we must learn to shed our fears and anxieties. Yet so much of our energy centers on trying not to drown in the turbulent waters where we find ourselves−sinking with worries about our security problems, money problems, health problems, insurance problems, retirement problems, and then all the interpersonal problems of dealing with feuding family members, estranged friends and those who would cheat us, berate us, not give us credit where it is due and generally try–too often successfully–to make our lives miserable. In the face of this, what can we do to be serious about our faith walk?

Price: $15.00

Cancer: What's it Doing in My Life?


Ever the pastor, Mary Alice Geier decided to keep a personal journal during her two-year struggle with cancer and chemotherapy to share with others what this mysterious process entails. Along with concrete suggestions to help those facing similar issues, Rev. Geier has produced a primer, chock full of advice and explanations, with helpful appendices, that shines light on the dilemmas and mysteries facing a cancer patient. This practical guide has been useful to thousands of patients, their families and friends and she has received kudos from many who have felt better prepared having read this inspirational resource. An honest and frank chronicle, it is an invaluable tool filled with humor and nuggets of encouragement to those struggling to cope with cancer.

Price: $9.95

Children and Nonviolence


Authoritarian parents are so commonplace in our society that teenage rebellion is considered inevitable. We need a change of attitude, say Bob and Janet Aldridge, world renowned peace activists who have raised ten children. Cooperative decision-making in the family is the place to start. Raising nonviolent children means, first and foremost, creating an atmosphere of harmony in the home–where children need to feel nurtured and safe in a society that is increasingly violent. Sharing their faith pilgrimage of raising children in urban Amerrica, reconciling the larger political peace issues with ccreating a loving home, they give us a helpful guide for raising children peacefully and modeling a nonviolent approach towards decision-making.

Price: $10.95

Eleven Modern Mystics and the Secrets of a Happy, Holy Life


It often happens that a person wishes to embark on a spiritual path but immediately doubts surface:Can I really do this? What are the first steps? Where do I start? Which way do I turn? Who can assist me? Such concerns can easily be swept aside by the simple realization that our world is teeming with spiritual mentors or as the Bible notes:, We are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses. All we need to do is look at them, be inspired by them and permit them to show us the way. This book profiles eleven modern mystics whose lives inform, instruct and inspire all who are travelling on a spiritual path.
Price: $15.00

Finding Palestine: One American's Trek from the Midwest to the Middle East


The author, invited to work as a medical health consultant for the Red Crescent Society in the Middle East, soon discovers a world she never knew existed. As a personal witness of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, this nice Catholic girl from the Midwest finds herself dodging bullets and treating the wounded! Here is a truly fascinating first-person account of her adventures, and a "significant map for those willing to take the road less traveled to truth and comprehension with respect to Palestine," says Jerry Levin, former CNN bureau chief in Beirut, Lebanon. He concludes, "Essentially this is a book about decent, courageous people struggling for recognition and justice" which also describes the necessary first step toward peace with justice in the Holy Land.  
Price: $17.95

For the World to Hear: A Biography of Howard P. House, M.D.


A captivating biography replete with fascinating stories of how new technological breakthroughs have been developed that have brought hearing ability to thousands, with a foreword by President Ronald Reagan, long a patient of Dr. House. This is the story of a physician who for more than 50 years as an ear specialist has been devoted to helping people with hearing and balance disorders. Filled with anecdotes about the luminaries that have accomplished so much in this century in the field of otology, it is a dynamic history of hearing and balance research. During this half century Howard House has been showered with honors and international acclaim because of the pioneering role he has played in the world of ear surgery.

Price: $30.00

Life of Moses, The


Moses comes alive in this retelling of his story by the famous French poet Edmond Fleg (translated from the French by Lord Stephen Haden-Guest) who decided to gather the scattered stories passed down through the generations in the early Midrashim. Fleg has done a superb job of weaving together the religious, historical and biographical aspects of Moses' life in a splendid style. The Egyptian, Middle Eastern and Jewish cultures of the time provide the background for this captivating tale about the "man of God at whose death the earth and heaven and the Lord God Himself wept, saying 'There shall be no other Moses.'" This jewel, too long missing from library shelves, is here reissued as part of our Religious Classics Series.

Price: $12.95

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