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-God Calling: A Devotional Diary


This lovely classic, loved by millions for many decades, is here reissued in an American usage/inclusive language edition that makes this extraordinary daily meditation even more accessible to modern readers.

As Quaker missionary Heidi Pidcoke recently noted, “It was a delight to discover this lovely book filled with messages that seem very contemporary and speak directly to my experience. I feel Jesus’ voice guiding me through this wonderful companion in my daily devotions.”

When used regularly as part of a daily spiritual routine, these short and pithy meditations can challenge you on your pilgrimage of being “renewed in the spirit of your minds,” and clothed “with the new self” in the likeness of Christ as the letter to the Ephesians urges all who would follow Jesus.

Price: $9.95

Adventures of Faith: On Learning to Walk on Water


Author and former missionary Faith Annette Sand points out that while Jesus was on earth, he never displayed fear. So to be made into the image of Christ we must learn to shed our fears and anxieties. Yet so much of our energy centers on trying not to drown in the turbulent waters where we find ourselves−sinking with worries about our security problems, money problems, health problems, insurance problems, retirement problems, and then all the interpersonal problems of dealing with feuding family members, estranged friends and those who would cheat us, berate us, not give us credit where it is due and generally try–too often successfully–to make our lives miserable. In the face of this, what can we do to be serious about our faith walk?

Price: $15.00

Eleven Modern Mystics and the Secrets of a Happy, Holy Life


It often happens that a person wishes to embark on a spiritual path but immediately doubts surface:Can I really do this? What are the first steps? Where do I start? Which way do I turn? Who can assist me? Such concerns can easily be swept aside by the simple realization that our world is teeming with spiritual mentors or as the Bible notes:, We are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses. All we need to do is look at them, be inspired by them and permit them to show us the way. This book profiles eleven modern mystics whose lives inform, instruct and inspire all who are travelling on a spiritual path.
Price: $15.00

Family Covenant, The: Love and Forgiveness in the Christian Home


When spouses, parents and children agree to live together in love despite their imperfections they form a special bond. Dennis B. Guernsey, Ph.D., calls this a "family covenant." Based on years of research and practice in family ministry, Dr. Guernsey explains how this covenant can affect your family and families in your church. "Dennis Guernsey has offered to Christian families a rich resource for their reflection and enrichment. What he has accomplished is both exciting and practical: a blending of the helpful insights of those disciplines which study the family with the wisdom of Scripture. Neither resource has been compromised," says David M. Thomas, director of Regis College Graduate Program in Family Ministry.
Price: $11.95

First Fruits: Stewardship Thoughts and Stories from Around the World


Christian stewardship should be motivated by gratitude and love for God who has done so much for us, says retired missionary Dr. Paul R. Lindholm. This thesis of love-bound rather than duty-bound stewardship comes from the author's long missionary career in the Orient followed by a lecture series given around the world in stewardship education. By stressing the joy that comes to those who are faithful and unwavering stewards, Dr. Lindholm has encouraged myriads of people to be generous in all that they undertake. Inspirational reading for all, this book can be especially helpful for pastors in preparing sermons, for Sunday school teachers in their training programs and for all church members as they consider their stewardship responsibilities.
Price: $11.95

God's Cycle of Music


In this lovely book, lifelong entertainer and church musician Mark Paulson uses the world of music to shed light on many Biblical principles. With music as the ongoing metaphor, the author has beautifully illustrated the various relationships we have with God and with other Christians in the community of faith. Since Christian musicians constantly have to balance musical excellence and the accolades this brings with the Christ-like humility our commitment to Christ demands, the author also challenges us to put our life in perspective of what is required of us−giving our best efforts to Jesus Christ, our Master conductor. By using musical metaphor, Scripture, life illustrations and music history to explain Biblical truth, this book is an excellent choice for adult forum discussions.

Price: $10.00

How to Help a Heartbroken Friend: What to Do and What to Say When a Friend Is Going Through Tough Times


Dealing with friends and loved ones who are going through tough times can be stressful and leave you at a loss for words. Here are some helpful insights and guidelines for anyone who cares about those who are heartbroken and yet feels helpless in the face of the grieving. Learning to love quietly and share the burden as much as possible is a hard task, yet these thoughtful suggestions are bound to help you on the pathway to becoming an effective comforter. Included are chapters on what to do when you don't know what to do, moving with the pain and seven habits of highly effective comforters. "An extremely practical, well-illustrated, uncommon-sense book which shows what to avoid and what to do for hurting people," sys Dr. Ivan Blazen of Loma Linda University, California.

Price: $9.95



A lovely book of poetry written by peace activist Justine Merritt who mobilized people around the world to resist the building of nuclear arms. This is a poignant book of poetry written by a remarkable woman who dreamed into existence The Ribbon event on the 40th anniversary of Hiroshima which managed to bring 27,000 hand-crafted symbols of peace from many nations to embrace ten miles of metropolitan Washington, DC. Her haunting poetry records her soul's journey from atheism to Christianity, from existential despair on her path to peace-work and her expressions of faith. A mother and a grandmother, she has taught people around the world that everyone can make a difference and that living a life with no war is possible.
Price: $22.00

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