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-God Calling: A Devotional Diary


This lovely classic, loved by millions for many decades, is here reissued in an American usage/inclusive language edition that makes this extraordinary daily meditation even more accessible to modern readers.

As Quaker missionary Heidi Pidcoke recently noted, “It was a delight to discover this lovely book filled with messages that seem very contemporary and speak directly to my experience. I feel Jesus’ voice guiding me through this wonderful companion in my daily devotions.”

When used regularly as part of a daily spiritual routine, these short and pithy meditations can challenge you on your pilgrimage of being “renewed in the spirit of your minds,” and clothed “with the new self” in the likeness of Christ as the letter to the Ephesians urges all who would follow Jesus.

Price: $9.95

Abortion: My Choice/God's Grace Christian Women Tell Their Stories


This compilation of stories and essays edited by Anne Eggebroten confronts the reality of abortion as a morally responsible choice being made by countless Christian women of all denominations. This explosive issue was only made illegal in the U.S. in 1873, but the 1960s saw a change in America's attitude towards the ability of women to take control of their own bodies which culminated in the Supreme Court's historic Roe v. Wade decision in 1973. Ever since the faith community has been divided on this subject, but everyone admits women have never stopped having abortions for a variety of reasons–health, rape, incest and unplanned pregnancies among other factors. The essays explore the biblical, theological and other arguments used in this issue.

Price: $12.95

Abused Child in Search of Safety, The: Lessons from Florida


Kent S. Miller, Ph.D., has gathered together this analysis of the current child welfare scene that should give everyone pause, because by abandoning our at-risk children we are sabotaging our nation's future. This is a succinct and factual look at a controversial and politicized subject. Richard Wexler, director of the National Coalition for Child Protection Reform says, "Not satisfied with scholarly treatises and second-hand accounts, Prof. Miller spent part of his retirement working in child welfare offices to see the problems for himself. The result is a book that combines the rigor of a scholar with the firsthand insights of a good journalista useful guide for anyone looking for ways to fix a badly broken system."
Price: $16.95

Admiral, The: The Memoirs of Albert Gleaves, Admiral USN


"A memoir to be enjoyed by all who are interested in our nation's naval heritage of going down to the sea in ships. When Albert Gleaves first entered the fleet after graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1877, he served in a navy largely inherited from the Civil War. He vividly describes his experiences in the old navy which was giving way to a modern fleet of steel and steam with colorful accounts of his cruises. This fine work, from the able pen of an officer who served his country with great distinction, is a welcome addition to the published literature about our navy and a reminder that our naval service's traditions and legends were laid by [such] gifted leaders. We owe them a debt of thanks," said Admiral James D. Watkins, former U.S. Secretary of Energy.

Price: $12.95

Adventures of Faith: On Learning to Walk on Water


Author and former missionary Faith Annette Sand points out that while Jesus was on earth, he never displayed fear. So to be made into the image of Christ we must learn to shed our fears and anxieties. Yet so much of our energy centers on trying not to drown in the turbulent waters where we find ourselves−sinking with worries about our security problems, money problems, health problems, insurance problems, retirement problems, and then all the interpersonal problems of dealing with feuding family members, estranged friends and those who would cheat us, berate us, not give us credit where it is due and generally try–too often successfully–to make our lives miserable. In the face of this, what can we do to be serious about our faith walk?

Price: $15.00

Alcohol and the Church: Developing an Effective Ministry


Margaret Fuad has compiled this excellent resource looking at the role of the church in addressing America's number one drug problem: alcohol. She recapitulates what the Bible says about drinking, noting relevant similarities and differences between biblical and contemporary societies. She also discusses spirituality and alcohol, the difference between alcohol abuse and alcoholism, considerations concerning personal use or nonuse of alcohol, and how to meet the needs of the one out of five persons in our society impacted by alcohol abuse. An appendix contains a study/syllabus and various lists of resources. Churches and other groups concerned about alcohol awareness will find these lists invaluable. 

Price: $12.95



Amazonas weaves through a labyrinth of intrigue, romance, drugs, environmental havoc and international politics--snaking through the jungles of Brazil, riding the currents of the mother of all rivers. Germans, French, Israeli, Arabs, Brazilians, Colombians and indigenous vie for power in a setting which can be breathtakingly ravishing yet dangerously hostile. The conspiracy lures a birlliant scientist and a beautiful intelligence officer into the rain forest as they scramble to seek out answers against a ticking time bomb--unlikely colleagues banded together against common foes. The Amazon River carries the good and evil toward a swift, action-packed finale.
Price: $17.95

America in Peril


Long-term peace activist Bob Aldridge has spent years researching how our nation was beguiled into another senseless war. Here he describes how America is being conquered by a group of neoconservatives who under the guise of a "war on terror" and "national security" have systematically and stealthily undermined democracy and in the process are scrapping our Constitution. Starting with their wiggling into the White House and conjuring up a crisis to rally the country into a contrived war, he systematically paints a disturbing picture of the decay of civil rights, showing how the government is not only keeping tabs on the populace but is also steadily eroding humanitarian law so our Declaration of Independence has been relegated to history courses.

Price: $16.95

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