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Christmas Stories from Around the World: Honoring Jesus in Many Lands


Retired missionary Larry Driskill collected stories from other missionary colleagues about how Christmas was celebrated in various cultures and produced here a sprightly collection of stories gathered from the four corners of Christendom describing how Christ's birth is observed, written by those who have lived around the world. In a most authentic manner it "captures the simplicity and beauty of Jesus' birth through the eyes of Christians around the world," says Congregational pastor Gordon Kirk. It discusses the origins of various Christmas traditions and Christmas music making it a wonderful tool for using at the holidays in children's sermons at church, in Sunday school classes or for children's reading projects.
Price: $11.95

Journey into Narnia


Kathryn Lindskoog, a renowned C.S. Lewis' scholar, has greatly expanded and updated her classic study of the Narnia series, The Lion of Judah in Never-Never Land, with a brand-new section, "Exploring the Narnian Chronicles." She has also added a study guide with questions plus a chronological exploration of these seven books. Filled with fresh background information, it provides the reader with the context for these books, explaining many English terms unfamiliar to the American reader. Included are Biblical parallels which illumine the plots. When C.S. Lewis read the first draft of this manuscript he commented, "You are in the centre of the target everywhere. For one thing, you know my work better than anyone else I've met; certainly better than I do myself." 
Price: $15.95

Life of Moses, The


Moses comes alive in this retelling of his story by the famous French poet Edmond Fleg (translated from the French by Lord Stephen Haden-Guest) who decided to gather the scattered stories passed down through the generations in the early Midrashim. Fleg has done a superb job of weaving together the religious, historical and biographical aspects of Moses' life in a splendid style. The Egyptian, Middle Eastern and Jewish cultures of the time provide the background for this captivating tale about the "man of God at whose death the earth and heaven and the Lord God Himself wept, saying 'There shall be no other Moses.'" This jewel, too long missing from library shelves, is here reissued as part of our Religious Classics Series.

Price: $12.95

Mission Adventures in Many Lands


A bright collection of 52 true-to-life mission stories from around the world, brought together by retired missionary Lawrence Driskill, this is a wonderful compilation for children who love to read about far-away places. "The possibilities for use in vacation church schools, camps and conferences are limited only by one's imagination. Each story could be made into a drama, a puppet show or an exercise in the study of people and cultures," says The Princeton Seminary Bulletin.
Price: $11.95

Mission Stories from Around the World


This collection of real-life stories of missionaries and unsung heroes around the world has been collected by Lawrence Driskill. a good storyteller who transports our imaginations into all four corners of the world where Christ's gospel changes lives. This illustrated collection is an inspiring resource especially for Sunday schools and youth sermons.
Price: $11.95

Worldwide Mission Stories for Young People


A sparkling medley of stories which makes worldwide mission come alive. Written by Lawrence Driskill, this "fascinating array of stories" is a wonderful source of illustrations for children's sermons and Sunday school programs as well as great for reading to children.
Price: $11.95

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