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Abused Child in Search of Safety, The: Lessons from Florida


Kent S. Miller, Ph.D., has gathered together this analysis of the current child welfare scene that should give everyone pause, because by abandoning our at-risk children we are sabotaging our nation's future. This is a succinct and factual look at a controversial and politicized subject. Richard Wexler, director of the National Coalition for Child Protection Reform says, "Not satisfied with scholarly treatises and second-hand accounts, Prof. Miller spent part of his retirement working in child welfare offices to see the problems for himself. The result is a book that combines the rigor of a scholar with the firsthand insights of a good journalista useful guide for anyone looking for ways to fix a badly broken system."
Price: $16.95

America in Peril


Long-term peace activist Bob Aldridge has spent years researching how our nation was beguiled into another senseless war. Here he describes how America is being conquered by a group of neoconservatives who under the guise of a "war on terror" and "national security" have systematically and stealthily undermined democracy and in the process are scrapping our Constitution. Starting with their wiggling into the White House and conjuring up a crisis to rally the country into a contrived war, he systematically paints a disturbing picture of the decay of civil rights, showing how the government is not only keeping tabs on the populace but is also steadily eroding humanitarian law so our Declaration of Independence has been relegated to history courses.

Price: $16.95

Art of Peace, The


A philosophical and poetic discussion, with illustrations by the author, of how to achieve peace as well as the implications of peacemaking in these violent times.
Price: $20.00

Awesome Wonders: With Study Guide by Gerald Ihle


AWESOME WONDERS is a 9-week Bible study course with a SCIENCE focus about the awesome world and universe around us that provide evidences for believers of an awesome Creator. “God is great! God is good!” is the theme of this book. Focus is on the credal statement “I believe in God the Father, Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth; and in Jesus Christ his only Son our Lord.” The Contents include: (1) Jesus Christ, awesome wonder from heaven; (2) Prayer is awesome; (3) Nature’s wonders; (4) Creatures of land, sea and air; (5) Small is awesome; (6) The human body; (7) The universe; (8) The awesomeness of heaven; and (9) God is awesome. A Study Guide provides provocative discussion questions for groups exploring an appreciation of the observations and discoveries that previous generations were unable to comprehend without modern science and technology.
Price: $15.00

Benevolent Living: Tracing the Roots of Motivation to God


Richard Hazelett and Dean Turner, both eminent philosophers, claim that one way or another all people need and seek happiness. They posit that since we are surrounded by beauty, this is one of the surest proofs of God's existence and present a careful and many-sided analysis of happiness and the universal concept that good behavior and living benevolently is good. This idea not only is self-evident, but necessary for the world to continue to exist, since au contraire the earth would soon implode under the towering accumulation of greed, evil and vicious behavior. We must all have a compass that points to good, or God, if our species is to survive and the more we understand about our motivations, the clearer will be our decision-making processes.
Price: $19.95

Einstein Myth and the Ives Paper, The: A Counter-Revolution in Physics


Edited by Dean Turner and Richard Hazelett, this book comprises excerpts from Dr. Herbert Eugene Ives' response to Einstein's theories which Ives called a "myth"; "The Einstein Myth" by Turner; and a condensed version of "Euclid or Einstein" by Jeremiah Joseph Callahan. This is a monumental scientific work that shatters the relativity theory and replaces it with a new, readily understood theory that is in conformity with all known phenomena. It restores logical clarity, common sense and realism to the study of space and time and opens the door to greater freedom of creative research, speculation, progress and practical discovery in the fields of physics and cosmology. The notes reveal startling, unexpected, little-known facts.

Price: $39.95

Elephant in the Bedroom, The: Automobile Dependency & Denial−The Impacts on the Economy & Environment


Our country has slipped car-by-car into a massive dependency on a transportation system which has become a public addiction claim authors Hart & Spivak, both engineers. Cars and trucks have been identified as the most wasteful element of our consumer society, yet few protest the public subsidies keeping this system afloat–the free use by motorists and the trucking industry of urban space and municipal services. This vicious cycle continues causing an enormous trade imbalance and ecological damage froom producing a billion tons of carbon dioxide a year. Here are practical ways which could turn this devastating system around and start to unravel the complicated grasp on our lives held by the internal combustion engine.

Price: $12.95

Escape from God: The Use of Religion & Philosophy to Evade Responsibility


Philosophy professor Dean Turner notes that the American society, with the highest percentage of college graduates of any nation on earth, having grown more erudite and informed, has experienced a rising rate of alcoholism, drug addiction, crime, divorce, suicide and mental illness. Acquiring more degrees does not preclude becoming morally and spiritually lost. This escapism can be reversed by turning back to God and exploring the high price of God's sustaining, empowering love demonstrated concretely in God's sending the beloved son Jesus Christ to bring us back to a relationship with God. By looking into the face of God and bowing to God's authority, we can accept what is required of us to have a happy and fulfilling life.
Price: $17.95

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