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Elephant in the Bedroom, The: Automobile Dependency & Denial−The Impacts on the Economy & Environment
Elephant in the Bedroom, The: Automobile Dependency & Denial−The Impacts on the Economy & Environment

Our country has slipped car-by-car and road-by-road into a massive dependency on a transportation system which has become a public addiction claim authors Stanley I. Hart & Alvin L. Spivak, both engineers. Cars and trucks have been identified as the most wasteful element of our consumer society, yet few protest the public subsidies that keep this system going–the free use by motorists and the trucking industry of costly urban space and municipal services. This vicious cycle continues causing two-thirds of our trade imbalance plus the ecoological damage done by our producing a billion tons of carbon dioxide a year which makes American cars and trucks critical actors in the environmnetal problems facing our planet. The authors propose practical ways which could turn this devastating system around and start to unravel the complicated grasp on our lives held by the internal combustion engine. 173 pp.

The Library Journal said of this book, "The elephant in question is the American automobile and its true cost to the citizenry, economy, and environment. The authors, both engineers, provide a more reasoned, well-written, and holistic introduction to the subject than one would expect from a manifesto. Their thesis is that the automobile is much more expensive than we realize when taxes, parking, and environmental concerns are considered. The answer to the problem, expounded at length, is full-cost pricing of all automobiles, highways, and automobile by-products. Like most manifestos, this one has lots of passion, no footnotes, and few numbers, and it treats competing ideas with disdain. Most readers will need proof before agreeing that raising the cost of gasoline to $9 per gallon will result in 'better familial discipline.' Nevertheless, this is a compelling, informative book about a very real problem."

STANLEY HART, a civil and structural engineer with a degree from CalBerkeley has extensive experience in highway and bridge design and construction in the U.S. and many other nations. ALVIN SPIVAK, a mechanical engineer with a degree from Uew York University has a long career in the public transit infra-structure system and is the founder of the Modern Transit Society.

Price: $12.95

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